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Move Better, Get Stronger and Get Fitter

Do you want to get into shape, but find the idea of walking into a fitness class daunting? With the right personal trainer, you can achieve your fitness goals in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Begin Your Fitness Journey with an Experienced Personal Trainer in Dublin 15

I’m Jennifer Shannon of Jennifer Shannon Fitness & Personal Training in Blanchardstown Dublin and it’s my aim to become your very best fitness pal! As a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor with over 8 years of experience, I can provide you with all the guidance you need to become a stronger, fitter you.


I run fitness classes of 10-12 people so I can give everyone personalised attention. I make sure that all movements and body positions help you to get the best results from each class. I love helping my clients achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.


No matter what your fitness level, get in touch with me today and begin your journey to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. I guarantee you will you leave each class feeling delighted with yourself!

Don’t think that attaining a better level of fitness is beyond you! No matter what your age or what your current fitness level, I can help you to move better, get stronger and get fitter. I run small group fitness classes in Blanchardstown Dublin 15 for men and women suitable for both beginners and intermediate clients.


All fitness classes are tailored to suit every individual’s strength and fitness ability. Everyone is welcome and we strive to create a compassionate and motivating atmosphere.


Our classes are a mix of strength and conditioning, resistance bands, boxing, with a bit of yoga and Pilates as well. Currently, we offer: Bootcamp Classes, Resistance Band Classes, Boxing and Cardio Classes, Core Training, Small Group Personal Training


Join Our Fitness Community


Small Class Sizes


Personalised Training


Supportive Environment


Everyone is Welcome!


Where to Find Us

You can find the location of Jennifer Shannon Fitness & Personal Training in Dublin 15 on the interactive map below.

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